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In addition to the CCS blog, about which you may be aware, there are several means of pursuing Critical Code Studies information online.

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1) Twitter Hashtag.
For quick, up-to-the-minute CCS news, follow the #critcode hashtag, that we will soon be adding to the blog itself.

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2) Zotero group
To build a critical code studies reading list, we have been adding texts to the the CCS library here. Please join and contribute.

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3) and diigo tags
critical_code_studies is the standard tag for CCS sites. No doubt, CCS would serve but has other associations. See the diigo and tags.

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4) online working group
We are in the midst of planning an online working group for Critical Code Studies, complete with reading list, discussion forums, guest speakers, and more. Consider it an opportunity for more intensive study of the methodologies.

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